Platform for Documentary Photography

— FOTODOK is an international place for documentary photography from Utrecht. She brings documentary socially relevant stories to the attention of both a broad local and national, as a global specialist public. It does this through a diverse program of exhibitions, lectures and debates critical , education and international cooperation and exchange.




(No) Privacy

— How visible do we want to be? And how much control do we still have over the dissemination of our (visual) information? The current network society, in which we are inundated with new technological possibilities, offers opportunities and threats that demand our consideration. The exhibition (No) Privacy presents a kaleidoscopic view of the theme and visitors are challenged to form their own opinion in the critical debate about privacy. We designed the visual identity and campaign for online and publications.






The Rise of Populism in Europe

— Concerned about the rise of populism in their own country, photographer Dirk-Jan Visser and Jan-Joseph Stok decided to investigate this phenomenon. The multi-year project The Rise of Populism in Europe, along with a group of European photojournalists, went looking for populist movements close to home. We designed the logo for their exhibitions and online publications.


Foto: Wendy Marijnissen







Meekijken over de schouder

— ‘Meekijken over de schouder’ is a multi-year project in which professional photographers were asked to have a look over their shoulders. They report the public about their inspirations, methods, collaborations and research through articles and videos. These articles were published online. In order to inform the public about these articles, we were asked to design the layout for the synopsis-in-a-newspaper.