Uncoated Print Club is a graphic design studio in Utrecht. Our work is based on a love for print. We combine craftsmanship with collaboration and good vibes.
60 Years of Miffy Magazine

— We enjoyed creating the layout for this special magazine about Miffy that has been released for mostly international clients.

Railroad Museum Collection Book

— This book gives you an overview of all the rolling stock of the railway museum. Besides the layout we designed approximately 85 logos.

Reklame Reklame

— A small fun zine, made ​​up of a collection of cheesy advertising stickers, instruction guides and packaging paper bags. Printed with our Riso's.

Proef Eetbaar Utrecht Cookbook

Design and layout of urban garden cookbook and campaign posters of the 'Dag van de Stadslandbouw'.

EKKO Publication

— Publication of venue EKKO with an overview of live shows, testimonials, exhibitions, outdoor events of the past 3 years.

Codarts Department of Music

— Annual report of the Department of Music in Rotterdam that shows the upcoming performances in a two format magazine.

Keen Coffee

— Good coffee and tasteful design were blended into this identity and packaging to please all coffee nerds around the world.

Festival Grasnapolsky

— We designed all campaign items, print and online, for music Grasnapolsky festival which takes place in and around the wonderful area of Radio Kootwijk.

The Projects of FOTODOK

— FOTODOK tells socially engaged stories through documentary photography. Since 2009 we have worked on projects like (No) Privacy and Rise of Populism.


— We supported start-up company BAST to introduce their alternative coconut coal by designing a basic logo, packaging and infographics.

Denim Heads in Centraal Museum

— Curator Joachim Baan invited us to participate in the exhibition Blue Jeans. We made five personal portraits of so-called Denim Heads.


— A few experimental poster concepts for indie shows of TivoliVredenburg.







— A Risograph is a printing machine that holds between photocopying and screen printing. You can print in many different colors, but like screen printing, you can only print one color at a time. We print with soy-oil based inks exclusively on uncoated papers to make some of the finest looking prints.



— We have recently moved to a new studio in the center of Utrecht. Therefore we are working to set up the printers and workshop program for groups up to six people. We expect to start the program in January 2016 . Check out the Facebook page for the latest news.


Self Publishing

— Do you have experience with Riso and would like to print a poster or publication yourself? It’s possible to book our Risos by appointment for a half or a whole day. Depending on the type of project we will guide you in creating a beautiful project. Please send us a mail for details and availability.